Chatto and Patto ride again! I've been working with WORLD'S BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, Mr James 'The King' Patterson again and we have two more shiny Middle School books to share with you: 'Middle School: Going Bush', which is the second of Rafe's adventures Down Under; and 'Middle School: Hollywood 101' which is all about Hollywood coming to little old Hills Village. Look out nexy year for 'Middle School: Rafe's Big Aussie Mess', the third instalment of Rafe in Oz! 

And you can still but lots of copies of the 'Mort' series, reissued this year in shiny new covers and come highly recommended by my new bestie, James Patterson! What a coincidence!

Last, but definitely not least, I'm very, VERY, excited that 'Alexander the Elephant', the picture book and musical which I did with Mr Pat Davern (fyi: Pat is a genuine ROCK GOD – the guitarist from the Aussie award-winning Grinspoon) was ARIA-nominated! We lost to The Wiggles (please feel free to boo loudly). 

'Rafe's Aussie Adventure' in also available as an e-book! Just click here.