A lot – like, a LOT – has happened since this site was last updated. OK, so the first thing is to point you to 'Rafe's Aussie Adventure', a 'Middle School' book which I co-wrote with the bazillion-selling WORLD'S NUMBER ONE AUTHOR and all-round top bloke, James 'The King' Patterson! Yes, that actual James Patterson! He speaks and moves and everything! We are like totally best mates and hang out every chance we get, so what do you think about that, eh? 'Rafe's Aussie Adventure' comes out in May 2015 but you can pre-order it here (or just hang round until May, whatever you like). 

The next news is that the 'Mort' series has been reissued in shiny new covers and come highly recommended by my new bestie, James Patterson! What a coincidence!

On May the 5th I'll be drawing live in the windows of Dymocks in George Street, Sydney. Come along and make monkey faces at me through the glass! I'll also be appearing with James at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta on May the 8th in front of thousands of excited fans. 

What else? I have been working on two books with the lovely Jonathan Emmett ('Danny Dreadnought' and 'The Emperor's New Clones'. You can find out more about them on this website.

Last, but definitely not least, I'm very, VERY, excited about 'Alexander the Elephant', a picture book which I've been working on with Mr Pat Davern. Pat is a genuine ROCK GOD – the guitarist from the Aussie award-winning Grinspoon and 'Alexander' will be published by the ABC and Love Police as a book AND as a CD featuring some of Australia's best-known musical artists (such as Pete Murray, Connie Mitchell and Megan Washington). 

'Rafe's Aussie Adventure' in also available as an e-book! Just click here.