A Confession

You'll probably have noticed that some of the information on the 'Biography' page was slightly, erm, embroidered so here's the rather boring truth...

Martin Chatterton was born in Liverpool in 1961 and attended art college in London during the early 1980's. Since graduating he has worked succesfully in the publishing and design business as an author and illustrator. He has written twenty children's books for a variety of age ranges and has illustrated more than eighty books for many other writers, including Roger McGough, Tony Bradman, Jon Blake, Tony Mitton and Michael Rosen. Now a full-time writer and illustrator, Martin has previously spent time as a graphic designer and a lecturer.

He lives in northern NSW and is married with two children.


Art & Design Foundation, Hugh Baird College, Liverpool, 1979-80
Graphic Design BA (Hons) 1st class, Kingston University (London), 1980-83.

Illustration (1983-present)

Clients include Cadbury’s, Dettol, Golden Wonder, Sydney Opera House, Honda, Sony, The Royal Mail, The London Science Museum, Radio Skyrock Paris, National Lottery Holland, NatWest Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Vodafone, The Scottish Development Agency, Eastern Water, Nokia, Tesco’s, Hallmark Cards, Yellow Pages, Asda, Marks and Spencer, WH Smith, Boots, Radio Times, Sunday Express, Daily Express, The Observer, The Guardian, Punch, She magazine, New Woman, That’s Life magazine, and many others. 

Agent: represented in the UK and Europe by Eastwing Illustration Agency (www.eastwing.co.uk).
Publishing clients include Puffin Books, Transworld, Harper Collins, Walker Books, Egmont Books, Macmillan, Reed, Random House, Methuen, Mammoth.

Writer, 1994- present
Clients include: Puffin Books, Scholastic UK, Scholastic Inc (USA), Egmont Books, Walker Books, Hodder.
Recent titles for Scholastic in the ‘Bad Dog’ series have been sold for publication in the USA, China, Finland, Canada, Australia and Spain.
Literary agents: represented in Australia and worldwide by Tara Wynne @ Curtis Brown, Sydney, Australia. 

Co-founder (with Simon Bailey), and creative director of The Point (now Forepoint), a multi-discipline design practice based in London and the Northwest UK. Sold holding in 1998. Since then has continued working as an independent designer in the UK, US and Australia. 

Teaching, 1985-1997
Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire, School of Graphic Design, 1987-1991.
Drawing and design tutor, Hugh Baird College of Art, 1984-1987.
Visiting faculty member or guest lecturer at Birmingham School of Art, Cumbria School of Art, York School of Art, Maidstone College of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, Knowsley Tertiary College, Kingston University,1985-1995.
External Examiner, Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Illustration, BA (hons) degree, 1994-1997.
External member, course validation, Manchester Metropolitan University, Illustration and Animation degree, 1997.


Children’s BBC online Author of the Month, April 2002.

Waterstone’s Book of the Month selection March 2001.

WH Smith ‘Recommended Read’ selection (‘Bad Dog/Hollywood’, ‘Bad Dog/Crazee Martians’) April 2002.

B&H illustration award winner 1984,1985, 1987.

‘Best of European Illustration’ jury selected 1984, 1989.

‘British Images: The Association of Illustrators Awards’ juror 1992, exhibitor 1991, 1993.

Design & Art Direction (tutor) gold awards, 1990, 1991, 1992.

Guest on BBC ‘Live and Kicking’, 1995.

Guest on UK Nickelodeon, 1998.

Nottinghamshire Book Award winner 2000 (illustrator) for ‘Big Bad Raps’ by Tony Mitton.

Experian Big Book Award winner 2000 (illustrator) for ‘Big Bad Raps’ by Tony Mitton.

'Michigan Moorcroft' shortlisted for the Salford Children's Book Award.

'Michigan' shorlisted for The Angus Book Awards 2005

'Final Cut' winner of The Nottingham Book Award 2005

Member of the Walker Books Authors and Illustrators Trust.

Member of The Society of Authors.

Member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators

Member of The Northern Rivers Writers Centre.

Judge, New South Wales Premier's Literary Award 2008.

President of the Lennox Arts Board 2011, 2012.

Mentee, ArtStart, Northern Rivers Arts, 2011.

Publishing credits.

As writer/illustrator:

Silly Circus/Walker Books,1993

Roxy’s Street/Walker Books, 1994

The Nutty Footy Book/Puffin,1994

Martin Chatterton’s Weird World of Pop/Hodder, 1995

Martin Chatterton’s Weird World of TV/Hodder, 1995

The Euro Nutty Footy Book/Puffin, 1996

The Utterly Nutty History of Footy/Puffin, 1997

Utterly Nutty World Cup Footy/Puffin,1998

The Utterly Nutty World of Animals/Puffin, 1998

The Utterly Nutty World ofSport/Puffin,1998

The Utterly Nutty World of The Movies/Puffin,1999

The Utterly Nutty World of The Future/Puffin,1999

The Ultimate A-Z of Footy/ Puffin, 2001

Bad Dog And All That Hollywood Hoo-Hah/Scholastic, 2002

Bad Dog And Those Crazee Martians/Scholastic, 2002

Bad Dog And The Curse Of The President’s Knee/Scholastic, 2002

Bad Dog Rockin’ Up A Phat One In Da House/Scholastic 2003

Bad Dog Goes Barktastic Baby!/Scholastic 2004

Holidaze!/Egmont Books, 2003

Spooks!/Egmont Books, 2003

Puters!/Egmont Books, 2003

Skool!/Egmont Books, 2003

Michigan Moorcroft/ Scholastic, 2003

The Brain Finds A Leg/Little Hare 2007

Stunt Monkeys/Stripes Publishing 2007

The Brain Full of Holes/Little Hare 2008 

By The Picking of My Nose/Little Hare 2009

A Belt Around My Bum/Little Hare 2010

Chew Bee or not Chew Bee/Little Hare 2011

Mort/Random House 2012

As illustrator:

Cyril MC by Mary Hoffman/Puffin 1988

Helen Highwater by Roger McGough/Puffin 1989

Tommy Niner and The Planet Of Danger by Tony Bradman/Puffin 1991

Zargon Zoo by Paul Shipton/Heinemann 1991

The Likely Stories by Jon Blake/Viking 1991

Jack and His Computer by CJ Moore/Heinemann 1992

Tommy Niner and The Mystery Spaceship by Tony Bradman/Puffin 1993

Look At Me (In A Funny Hat)! by Richard Johnson, Walker Books 1993

Look At Me (In Funny Clothes)! by Richard Johnson, Walker Books 1993

How To Be A Superkid by Laurence Anholt/Walker Books 1994

Little Stupendo by Jon Blake/Walker Books 1995

Billy Rubbish by Alexander McCall Smith/Methuen 1995

Tommy Niner and The Moon Of Doom by Tony Bradman/Puffin 1996

Nonsense! by Richard Brown/Cambridge University Press/1996

Big Bad Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 1996

Royal Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard1996

Alien On The 99th Floor by Jenny Nimmo/Heinemann1996

Five Little Monkeys by Kate Ruttle/Cambridge University Press 1996

Spider McDrew by Alan Durant/Collins 1996

Happy Birthday Spider McDrew by Alan Durant/Collins 1997

The Magnificent Mummies by Tony Bradman/Puffin 1997

Midnight In Memphis by Tony Bradman/Puffin 1998

Kristel Dimond, Timecop by Sam McBratney/Walker Books 1998

Derek Dungbeetle In Paradise by Nick Storme/Mammoth 1998

Derek DungbeetleGets The Blues by Nick Storme/Mammoth 1998

Fangtastic Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 1998

Hop On Top by Tony Mitton/Cambridge University Press 1999

Ham and Jam by Tony Mitton/Cambridge University Press 1999

Jump and Bump by Tony Mitton/Cambridge University Press 1999

The Thing That came From Jason's Nose by Tony Bradman/Mammoth 1999

Little Stupendo Rides Again by Jon Blake/Walker Books 1999

Monster Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 1999

Scary Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 1999

Robin Hood Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 2000

Groovy Greek Hero Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 2000

Mega Greek Myth Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 2000

Here I Am Said Smedley by Simon Puttock/Mammoth 2000

Stranger From Somewhere In Time by Sam McBratney/Mammoth 2000

The Runaway Pizza by Brenda Parkes/Rigby 2000

Little Stupendo Flies High by Jon Blake/Walker Books 2001

Great Greek Myth Raps by Tony Mitton/Orchard 2001

Charlie Chimpanzee by Tony Mitton/Cambridge University Press 2001

Elvis and the Scooter, Harcourt 2003

Voodoo Child by TonyBradman/Egmont 2004

Final Cut by Tony Bradman/Egmont 2004

Deadly Game by Tony Bradman/Egmont 2004

The Surprise Party/Egmont 2005

Mummies Find Fame/Egmont 2006

Ogre In A Toga/Scholastic 2007

Incredible Creatures/Puffin 2007

Mighty Egyptians by Nigel Crowle/Puffin 2007

Heroic Greeks <><><>by Nigel Crowle/Puffin 2007

Amazing Space by Nigel Crowle/Puffin 2007

Freaky Football by Nigel Crowle/Puffin 2007

King Tut's Golden Toilet/Puffin 2007

Hadrian's Lucky Latrine/Puffin 2007

Henry VIII's Privy/Puffin 2007

Queen Victoria's Potty/Puffin 2007 

Little Horrors series (6 titles)/Little Hare 2006-2011

Chew Bee or not Chew Bee/Little Hare 2011