An engaging and comedic speaker, Martin’s noisy performances feature large-scale ‘live’ drawing

and audience participation. Although usually wide-ranging and conversational, the sessions include

insights into writing comedy, telling tall tales, ‘beginnings’, Martin’s own writing and illustrating journey,

history, strange science, aliens, mutant animals and how to correctly pronounce the word ‘duck’.

Although comfortable with all ages, grades 3 – 8 would get most benefit from Martin’s ‘core’ sessions.

He has appeared extensively at schools, festivals, conferences, TV and radio in the UK, Australia

and USA.

In Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, please contact Young Australia Workshop 

Toll Free: 1800 227 095 on 02 8021 5312 or email or Martin directly


The stories were great and the illustrations amazing. A great start to our Book Week.

Michele Jamieson, Danebank School for Girls

Thanks for a great performance. The feedback from the students was very positive

and they were certainly impressed by your drawing skills and wicked sense of humour!

Janet Mayfield, Goodwood Primary, SA

Thank you very for your performance today. The school has been buzzing from it all

afternoon. I have had a number of staff and students come to me saying how wonderful

it was.

Russell Barwell, Fulham North Primary, SA

What a great success. I found Martin personable and he had a great manner with our

students. His presentation was engaging and he was able to accommodate some of the

ideas I thought our students needed from an author visit. The students thought it was

fun and entertaining. They liked the way that he involved the students and his illustrations

were a highlight of the visit.

Sharron Stokes, Barker College Jnr School

The children were thrilled by the talk. The feedback has been excellent.

Martin Bain, Burwood PS

Both Veresdale and Woodhill schools enjoyed Martin's Visits.

The children loved seeing the process that Martin engages in when

illustrating and contributing their ideas. He captured their imagination

and encouraged them to experiment with ideas and drawing etc.

Veresdale State School and Woodhill State School.


His simple way of engaging the boys was a breath of creative fresh air! 

I am sure his insights and abilities will be remembered and applied as the

boys seek their own ways of expressing themselves.

Ipswich Grammar School.


Thank you so much for suggesting Martin Chatterton.  He was an absolute

delight to host for the day,  and thoroughly captivated his audiences by

carefully tailoring his sessions to suit the various class groups. His

presentation was professional, entertaining, fast moving, and enlightening.

His mode of delivery was humorous and cheerful. He had a wonderful manner

with the boys, with an easy and laid back style.  Many boys engaged in

conversation with him after the sessions to discuss his work in detail.  He

was very generous in giving of his time and enthusiasm to answer their

excited questions.

Toowoomba Grammar.





A rapt crowd of excited youth watches, slack-jawed, as Chatterton tells them how great he is.

Weaverham High School, somewhere in Cheshire. Or possibly South Manchester; it's all getting blurry. A school, anyway.

Los Angeles, November 2010.