'Alexander was a rather small, pink and purple spotted elephant who lived on the island of Zanzibar. Alexander was only small because he was an elephant. If Alexander had been a dog then he’d have been a very big dog indeed but he wasn’t, he was an elephant and he would have really liked to have been just a tiny bit bigger . . .'

Alexander the Elephant is a picture book for 4-6 year-olds by successful Australian rock musician/writer Pat Davern and, er, me.

Alexander is a somewhat nervous, red-ant sandwich-munching, pink and purple-spotted elephant who lives on the island of Zanzibar with his best friend Miss Alicia Peabody, Alicia’s Clever Uncle Gerald and Pedro the parrot. When dastardly loggers threaten The Great Tree of Zanzibar, Miss Alicia Peabody and Uncle Gerald help Alexander find the courage to stand up and be counted. Lushly illustrated, this affirmative story is accompanied by a highly addictive and specially-written musical soundtrack recorded by some of Australia’s best-loved and best known recording artists. 

Alexander was nominated for an ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Awards) in 2016 but, in a shocking result, we lost to The Wiggles. On the plus side Alexander is now being developed as a 52 episode animated TV series by the terrifc Blue Rocket Productions. You can find out more about that here.