If you haven't read any of the great Bad Dog adventures then what are you waiting for? He's already a best-seller in the UK, US, China, Finland, Holland, France, Spain and pretty much everywhere else. 

A 100% high-steppin', bone-crunchin', cat-chasin' pooch with one small problemo: he has just three days to live. Three days left on Death Row at the City Pound for Unwanted Canines. 
Unless . . . 
Unless someone like Vince Gold, Hollywood agent to the stars steps in and makes him The Next Big Doggy Action hero ('Bad Dog and All That Hollywood Hoo-Hah'), or a Big Cheese from the Outer Space Exploration Agency wants to send him to Mars ('Bad Dog and Those Crazee Martians'), or the Most Powerful Dude in the World needs a new hound in the White House ('Bad Dog and the Curse of the President's Knee'). Or possibly Bad Dog could hook up with a posse of Rap'n'Rollers and head south of the border ('Bad Dog Rockin' Up a Phat One in Da House'), or even get drafted to become a superfly spy ('Bad Dog Goes Barktastic Baby!'). Unlikely as it may seem pooch fans...that's just what happens! 

Along with his trusty sidekick, Reverend Bentley Sweetlord the Fourth, and a cast of nuts from Elvis to jazz-playing Martians, these heavily illustrated shaggy dog stories are guaranteed to get you chuckling. 

"Staggering works of heart-breaking genius!" 
Tony Bradman 

"Great fun." 
The Dandy 

"Bad Dog and all that Hollywood Hoo-Hah' is a fantastically funny book...don't read this book at school. I did and laughed out loud and got told off by my teacher!" 
Red House Book Club